15 Shocking Things Happening Every Minute

Have you ever wondered what’s happening within 1 minute in the world? This infographic reveals 15 intriguing things that occur each minute on the Earth. You’ll discover how many wedding happen, how much money are donated, how many liters of wine are drunk, how many presents are given and even how many meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Curious? So, couple of examples! In a minute in the World 59 wedding happen, 257 children are born, 48 millions telephone calls are made, 150 184 presents are given, 45 632 liter of wine are drunk, 1 500 000 people have orgasms, 14 meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. To know more – see the full story!

Via: blog.minuteoflife.com


January 16th, 2015 comments Entertainment Infographics

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