Beauty VS Happiness

For thousands of years the same question has reigned supreme over all others – what is more important – beauty or happiness? Many will argue that beauty is only skin deep and doesn’t make you any happier than if you don’t possess it, while others will disagree to the day they die. The cosmetics industry stats seem to back up the latter and with the industry now being worth over $174 billion worldwide, there sure are a lot of people who will pay good money to buy as much beauty as they can. From perfume to improve their scent, to makeup to improve their face, to skin products to stave off wrinkles and blemishes, there is a product for every physical imperfection out there, you only need to look on the shelves of any department store. So, with all this money being spent on beauty products, is it actually making people happier than if they didn’t put their hard earned cash into their looks? This infographic looks at populations around the world and the impact their beauty spending has on their happiness.

Infographic produced by Feel Unique


March 4th, 2013 comments Food & Health Infographics

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