The Essential Elements of A Successful Creative Pitch

If you’ve ever had to give a presentation of a product or had to convince investors to give your company a chance, you know how important it is to produce a well thought-out creative pitch. As industry insiders will tell you, you only get one chance to impress. You have to promote your abilities in a way that convinces potential clients that you are the one they want to make a deal with; that you are the best fit for what they are looking for.

Setting the stage, formatting, streamlining content properly can all increase your chances for success. You should learn the elements of a creative pitch needed to knock their socks off.

A Very Merry Mailing List

Holiday cheer is easy to spread – all it takes is a little extra effort and care. One way to put a smile on the faces of the ones you love, or to show business clients and employees that you care, is to send a friendly holiday greeting card. But if you send a card, you need to make sure it will bring more smiles than cringing. To help you along, this infographic presents twelve tips to make your holiday card personal, professional, and a joy to behold. Be original, be personal, and above all be professional! Everyone loves feeling like they’re being treated to something special and well-thought out. Like they say: in a gift, it really is the thought that counts. So follow the lead of these cute and knowledgeable animals and put your best paw forward this season!

The Types of Social Interactions Businesses Might Encounter

Word of mouth may still be one of the best methods to get business, but in our age of social media the types of social interactions that businesses may encounter has completely changed. One person used to be restricted to sharing a bad experience they may have had with your company to several people at a time, today that same person has the ability to share with millions in an instant. With changes this big a business has to learn to respond to these social interactions to stay ahead of the game. The University of Ohio’s online MBA program have created the following infographic to share several examples, statistics, and the dos and don’ts associated with responding to your consumers appropriately.

Small Business Financing Infographic: Know Your Loan Options

When it comes to small business lending options there unfortunately is no one-size-fits-all package. Businesses must consider the pros and cons of short-term lending, investment lending, loan sizes, varying interest rates and a variety of other factors. For a first-time loan seeker, sifting through these options can become overwhelming without a little help. Ultimately, the borrower’s need is the most important factor which requires differentiating between urgency, loan size, and business maturity. Enter Dealstruck’s loan comparison options Infographic, created to help give borrowers a great starting point for understanding what options are available to them

Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks so much for your consideration!

How to Name Your Company

Naming your company sounds really fun, and it can be. But it can also be incredibly challenging. Not only do you need to think of a catchy name that cuts through the clutter, but you need to navigate trademark. Take a look at this infographic to see which tips might be useful for you.

Finding the Right Career for Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain jobs? Ever thought about how happy you would be as an architect? Or how bored you would be as a software engineer? Your personality type could have everything to do with your preferences.

Understanding your personality type could be a key factor in finding the career that makes you happy. This infographic, compiled by Truity Psychometrics, a provider of online personality and career assessments, as well as the developer of the TypeFinder® personality type assessment, details the four dimensions of personality type and suggests ideal jobs for each type.

Direct mail isn’t dead but its certainly changing

Wondering whether it’s worth investing in direct mail in 2015? According to Baker Goodchild the answer is yes! Their latest figures show that direct mail usage is on the rise and consumer responses are better than ever before. See their infographic to find out why direct mail isn’t dead and how it’s changed over the years.

Email Layout Guide for Mobile

Two-thirds of emails are now opened on mobile devices, so mobile design is crucial. If you do not have access to responsive HTML email templates or the resources to custom code a responsive design, follow our infographic guide for email design inspiration.