5 Ways To Market Your Sports Team

In the world of modern sport, a team is not just a team, it’s a brand. As much as the team enjoy playing, and as much as the team’s management are passionate about the sport, they need to make money to carry on doing what they love. The good news is it’s pretty easy to market your sports team once you know how. Sports fans are some of the most devoted and enthusiastic fans, and knowing how to market your team to them, and to potential new fans, will help to maximise the profitability of your sports brand…

E Cigarettes Vs. Big Tobacco, Global Industry Comparison

This infographic called ‘E Cigs Vs. Big Tobacco’ is an overview comparing and contrasting the newly emerged e cigarette industry and the long standing cigarette industry from their creation to present day. The e cigarette industry is a $3 billion dollar global business and Bloomberg predicts e cigarettes could outsell the cigarette industry by 2047. While the cigarettes industry is a $700 + billion dollar industry, this infographic tracks the progression of both industries and how both begun, evolved, marketed their products, consolidated their ownership and are regulated, in addition to the affect both industries have on their target demographics respectively.

The Strategy Behind Google’s Most Expensive Acquisitions

Google has acquired over 170 businesses since their launch in 1998 and are still continuing to to this very day. Their top 10 most expensive acquisitions have amounted to over $24.5 billion with more buyouts in the horizon.

But with so many money spent, do we actually know the strategy behind all these acquisitions. We take a look at the top 10 most expensive acquisitions and why Google bought them.

3 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from an Integrated Payment System

Whether you operate a restaurant, coffee shop, retail store, or bar, an integrated payment system is crucial to your business’s future success. Accepting credit cards is far more than a simple payment transaction. POS systems are now integrated with fast and reliable payment processing services, which means you can now streamline operations, manage front and back end operations more efficiently and improve customer loyalty.

UX – The Facts

User Experience or UX now governs the thinking behind most digital strategies and campaigns. Putting the users in control of their brand interactions is key and all web design has now moved to a user-centric model. The UX phase now sits at the beginning of a project life cycle and informs all of the future elements. UX is also a chance to get the client and supplier involved in a mutually collaborative process. This infographic gives some facts and figures about the UX process and how important it can be for a digital design agency.