Understanding Lunar Eclipses

Maybe at some point of your life, you already looked up to the sky and contemplated a red moon. Sometimes called blood moon, this spectacle of nature is fascinating people of all ages. Some ones see in this phaenomenon a divine sign, others simply consider it as a romantic scene, and others look at it with scientific curiosity – like us. Let’s learn more about the why and how eclipses occur, and how to observe and photograph them in the best conditions with this explanatory infographic.

Six Ways Your Public Speaking Fear is Ruining Your Career

Many people throughout the world have a fear of public speaking. Most people choose to ignore this fear, but that is a big mistake! The Six Ways Your Public Speaking Fear is Ruining Your Career Infographic, shows you exactly how this fear is ruining your career. From losing out on salary to missing those crucial promotions, the fear of public speaking can severely affect your career progression. This infographic will help you to get over your fear and start presenting at work!

Private Water Well Guidelines & Safety

It’s important to remember that 15% of the American population don’t rely on the public drinking water system, but rather depend on their own private water wells to provide their home with a sufficient, quality water supply. Through this infographic, we hope to encourage those with private water wells to maintain their wells to a healthy standard so that contamination is prevented. In some regions like Texas, where hot summers dry out surface water, the safety of owning your own water well becomes even more important to the health of you and your family. We compiled facts from the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Environmental Services Center, and Well Owner to create this infographic for your convenience.

A Journey into Dreams and Nightmares

It was Jack Kerouac who said ‘Dreaming ties all mankind together’. Come with us on a journey into the mysterious and fascinating world of dreams and nightmares. With interesting facts and cutting-edge research, you’re bound to find out something you didn’t know before.

4 Ways an Online University Can Save You Money

Have you ever thought about how much money it costs to attend a private or public university? This infographic shares how enrolling an online university can save you thousands of dollars annually when compared to a traditional brick and mortar institution. This easy-to-read infographic will provide you with helpful information.

Bad Grammar Happens to Good People

Bad grammar can happen to good people! Scribendi.com has compiled six common mistakes to avoid; included in this list are things like words with double meanings, commas, and the dreaded autocorrect. Bad grammar can happen to anyone, but with the help of this infographic, hopefully you can avoid some of the most popular mistakes that people make when it comes to the English language. If you want to see more infographics like this, head over to www.scribendi.com!

The World of Custom Essays

Custom essay writing is not a new field, however there is so much yet to find out! Who are the customers? How often student order essays? WHat kind of essays are the most popular? Let’s take a tour to the custom essay world and answer all the questions!