The Safest and Less Safe Neighborhoods in America

This infographic takes a look at the top five most populated cities in America and measures their neighborhood crime rates. Are you thinking about moving to a big city? If so, you might want to take some time to look through the infographic we’ve put together below. In it, we’re listing the safest and less safe neighborhoods in a few of America’s largest metropolitan areas. What you read may surprise you.

The Environmental Impact of Funerals

The amount of resources and energy currently needed to support traditional funerals in North America is shocking. Qeepr has launched the first infographic to depict the major environmental detriments caused by burial and cremation traditions in the United States.

Spiders in the Home

This info graphic will frighten a lot of you there are at least 30 spiders in your house right now. Don’t worry it is rare if any of them are deadly and you are perfectly safe.

This info graphic shows how you can keep your home spider proof and keep the pesky arachnids at bay.

The Endangered Species in Africa

While around 18,000 new animal, insect or plant species are discovered yearly, other species are on the edge of extinction — including some that are newly discovered and others that have been around in some form for million of years. The African continent alone has more than four large mammals whose populations are, for the most part, declining at a worrisome pace. They include the gorilla, elephant, lion and rhino. Here is the current status of endangered animals in Africa.