You Can Afford a Healthy Life

Wouldn’t you like to have more money on a daily basis to do the things you love most AND afford to be healthy? Sometime it seems as though the only way to make ends meet is the sacrifice one for the other. But what if we told you that by implementing a few simple changes into your routine you could end up spending much less money and time, while optimizing your health and the health of your family. From working out at home versus the gym to buying in bulk, we’ve got some tips and tricks guaranteed to fast-track your savings.

Foods That Make You Smarter

Did you know that certain foods can enhance our brain function? Without food our brain can not properly operate at it’s optimal level causing it to become less efficient and affecting our intelligence in a negative way. Different types of food have a varying affect on our brain function however the most important ones include low glycemic carbohydrates, protein, essential fats, and water.

The Best Techniques for Grilling MEat

Summer is fast approaching and you’ve got to start planning those pool parties! Before you break out the grill, brush up on some essential grilling guidelines and proper cooking temperatures to ensure you and your guests are having fun and staying healthy.

Before the meat even reaches the grocery store, it is carefully monitored to ensure that it is always kept in proper conditions. Meat is dried as much as possible and immediately stored in a cooler, or chill room, where refrigeration begins at 40° C down to 0°C. Temperature monitoring systems are put in place to ensure the most accurate readings.

Now that you’ve got some inside scoop, it’s time to throw your steaks on the grill!

Depending on what kind of meat you’ll be grilling, whether it be beef, poultry, pork or seafood, you’ll want some techniques for proper grilling methods, including a meat thermometer. We have compiled this collection of information you can turn to if you’re unsure! For instance, did you know that the danger zone for foodborne illnesses is between 40° F- 135°F? Or that you might want to remember to refrigerate your perishables after 2 hours of sitting out? From information on specific meat temperatures while grilling, to some essential cleaning and serving tips, this informational chart has got you covered for summer, enjoy!

6 Ways To Be Healthier On The Road

Staying healthy on the road can be a very challenging task for truck drivers. Unfortunately, many truck drivers suffer from poor health due to unhealthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits. This infographic suggests helpful ways to improve your health while traveling on the road. You may be surprised to learn that a few simple lifestlye changes can have a great impact on your health. Enjoy and please feel free to share!

How Zit Going? Caring for Acne

Acne plagues about 40 to 50 million people in the United States. About 85% of people ages 12-24 develop acne. While it’s not a life-threatening condition, acne can cause scars and leave you feeling unconfident, depressed, and unwilling to show your face to anyone. But don’t lose hope! Learn about acne and the right ways to combat it.

Vegan Shopping List

Sure, you have plenty of vegan cookbooks, recipes and snack ideas at hand. But do you know where to find the ingredients in your average, non-specialty grocery store? What’s safe to buy? What can trip you up?

Backstage Pass on How to Self-Publish a Healthy Cookbook for Success

Do you want to be among the elite cookbook authors today? You don’t have to be one of the richest writers to belong to this circle. But when I say elite, these are authors who always belong to the best-seller lists (even if they are not mega rich in real life). Now, if you also want to have the spotlight, then you should take note of these top tricks in self-publishing a healthy cookbook. Who knows, you can be the next Julia Childs in the making.

Greek Yogurt Substitute Diet Plan

Want to lose some weight or start eating more healthy? Using greek yogurt in your cooking is a great way to start! Why? Because greek yogurt can be used as a substitute for lots of ingredients we use on a daily basis. Such as vegetable oil, mayonnaise, butter, creme fraiche, heavy cream, cream cheese, sour cream and milk. And because of the nutritional benefits of greek yogurt, you’ll be cutting on calories hard while at the same time boosting your protein intake!

For example, let’s say you’re making a cheesecake. You’ll probably be using more than a cup of cream cheese for that. Replacing the cream cheese with greek yogurt will cut the total calorie count by 658 calories. See how this works?

Most diets require you to not eat anything labeled as ‘unhealthy’, which makes it very hard to stick to them for a longer period of time.

By using greek yogurt as a substitute ingredient you can keep making the recipes you love, but in a healthier manner. Just make them with greek yogurt instead! This makes losing weight a lot easier, because you won’t have to constantly say ‘No’ things you love to eat.

Have a look at the infographic and see how you can start eating healthier by using greek yogurt!