Royal Voluntary Service | Let’s End Going Home Alone

Far too many older people are having to struggle on their own when they get home from a stay in hospital. That can lead to loneliness, not eating well, accidents like falls – and all too often, readmission to hospital. Yet a little help from a caring volunteer can make all the difference to recovery, and help them continue to live independent, fulfilling lives.

We’re calling for Home from Hospital support for every older person who needs it, so no one has to go home alone – and you could help, whether it’s by volunteering yourself or by helping to spread the word. Check out this infographic so see just how vulnerable an older person can be when they go home from hospital without support – and what a dramatic difference our volunteer help can make.

Top Banana

Americans eat more bananas than any other fresh fruit – 10.3 pounds per person per year, according to the USDA. Unlike apples, next most popular(at 9.9 lbs.), bananas aren’t homegrown favorites but – what else? – the top US fresh fruit import.

High Spirits or Holiday Stress?

During the holidays most of us stress about similar things – the American Psychological Association cited lack of time (67%) and money (62%) as biggest common stressors. Yet, how we individually respond to holiday stress can be so different that you may miss signs of stress in co-workers, loved ones…even yourself! However, understanding personality type can help us predict and manage our own and others’ stress. CPP – the Myers-Briggs company – suggests ways to use personality type to banish holiday stress & boost cheer.

This infographic details common signs of stress for each of the 16 personality types, and helpful tips on ways to calm down and enjoy the season. It also suggests how understanding personality type can help you make the most of visits to family and friends, offering tips to interact more intimately, and even provides gifting tips based on MBTI® type preferences.

Gluten-Free Shopping List

Sure, you have plenty of gluten-free cookbooks, recipes and snack ideas at hand. But do you know where to find the ingredients in your average, non-specialty grocery store? What’s safe to buy? Avoiding gluten can be a very serious management tool for certain health conditions. You can’t be too careful.

A Guide to Spanish Tapas

We all love to tuck into the varying and delicious tapas meal, but have you ever considered where these dishes come from in Spain? The origins of tapas are drawn from all over the country and vary according to each region. In fact, within some northern regions of Spain, tapas is actually called ‘pinchos’ or ‘pintxos’.

Each region takes influence for their food from its own history and culture, and also mirrors the local specialties in the area. So, to tantalize those taste buds we thought we would put together a mouth-watering list locating the best tapas dishes to try in each unique region of Spain. So allow this to be the guide to your next cultural culinary adventure. The only question now is which region to visit first…

it’s Time for a Cuppa

How Much Tea do the British Really Drink? This infographic answers the question with UK tea drinking stats and facts about British workers’ tea drinking in the office, general tea drinking habits, as well as tea health info.

How much food should my baby eat?

What is the correct amount of food i should be giving my baby? That is a common question to all parents, especially first-time ones. The first thing to acknowledge is there is no absolute answer, because it will always depend on your baby metabolism.But we built this infographic to serve as a guide to you into introducting solid food in your baby routine, from 4 to 12 months.

The most important thing is to enjoy this beautifull moment with your child and always seek guindance from a doctor.

Vegan & Gluten Free Baking Alternatives

When you suffer from a gluten allergy or you are a vegan, food becomes in important focus in your life, this is due to the fact that you have to be careful what you eat because you might become very ill or it might go against your moral views on animal welfare. Normal everyday foods like soups, breads and pasta sauces can’t just be bought off the shelf in local markets and you normally have to go to large supermarkets and health food shops. When it comes to baking you hit a huge road block as most people use flour, eggs, milk and sugar.. but what if you can’t use these products? what do you use instead?. A real eye opener for this was when my girlfriend needed to bake me a cake for my 40th birthday and although it took her months to finally managed to find the right mix, the outcome was almost more enjoyable due to this epic culinary journey. The cake was delicious and you would not have known it was vegan and gluten free and it made a real difference that we could both eat it and enjoy it equally. The following infographic shows the types of ingredient alternatives my girlfriend used to achieve my birthday cake and has used for more awesome cakes, cupcakes and buns in the future.