Valentines Day Gifting

It’s supposedly the most romantic day of the year which means gifts a-plenty and cupid’s arrows on auto-fire. But whether its finger bling or flowers, have you ever wondered what it all means? And more importantly, in the cross-pond battle of the sexes, who spends the most in the pursuit of lurrve?
Uncover the following about Valentine’s Day gifting:
UK vs. US- Who spends the most, guys or girls?
Ladies and Gents: Who is Valentine’s Day really for?
Behind the gifts: Why do men spend more on Valentine’s Day?
What Women don’t want: The worst possible gifts on Valentine’s Day
How much are you spending on Valentine’s Day?
Always remember that it’s the personal touch and the little thoughtful gestures that count!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ultimate list of 10 roommates to avoid

If a roommate spectrum has to be build then there will be few kinds who will lie on the good end of the spectrum. These kind of roommates make living together fun and comfortable. But, experience; the most brutal of teachers, has proved that there are some kinds of roommates who lie in the opposite end of the spectrum: the bad side. These roommates are the ones which should be avoided at any cost. Now we don’t mean to say that these are evil people but unless your habits match theirs, life will become a living hell. Grabhouse, after an extensive research, has been able to compile a list of 10 worst roommates and has also given some suggestions on how to avoid them. Have a look!

Sexual Health for Men And Their Experiences

What guy doesn’t like sex? Across America, men are thinking about it, talking about it and experiencing it. How do the numbers break down for males in the U.S.? From how many guys have tried anal sex to how old they were when they started watching adult movies, here are a few facts and figures that might surprise you.

Cat Astrology: Cat Traits by Zodiac Sign

We all love our pets. Well, since cats are such a large part of our lives, it’s important that we know their moods, attitudes, and personalities. Each cat is unique, and just like people, we can learn a lot about our cats by knowing their birthdate. This Cat Astrology infographic, with personality traits by the cat’s horoscope sign, can help! With these descriptions, you’ll understand your cat more fully and be able to relate to them better as well. Compare your own zodiac sign with your cat’s astrological sign for optimal compatibility.

Preloved Dog

We love dogs here at Preloved and as one of the largest UK classified ad sites, there are with over 15,000 dogs looking for new homes. To help promote these dogs to help them find their forever home, we asked members and visitors to take part in our dog related survey to create an entertaining infographic. With over 2,300 responses, we had some intriguing results – who knew that 42% of people who answered our survey dress up their dogs!

10 Bizarre Inventions That Never Made It To Your Home

We all hear about the popular inventions that made it commercially. It makes sense that we do, since well… they made it. However, have you ever wondered about the inventions that never made it?

Here are 10 of the most bizarre inventions made for your home that never took off and were deemed as failures.

Can you see yourself using any of these inventions in your home today?

Embrace Your Inner Crazy

Basically, the infographic filled with fun facts and trivia, showing how as humans were all just a little bit crazy, and that it is in fact the “crazy” that drives our biggest successes and innovations. The infographic is sourced from the Best Psychology Degrees today site.