The History of USA Gambling and Casinos

Gambling is one of the earliest form of entertainment known to mankind. Ever since things of value, including goods and money, traded hands to the winner from the loser, it has been with us. In the United States, gambling has also had a deep history and tradition starting with the Native American Indians, and finishing with what we know and modern gaming for money in locations around the world and online.

Minecraft History infographic

This is the first Minecraft Evolution History told in version numbers. The infographic uses the same design, visual resources and the same environment that can be found at the game, keeping the reader follow the tunnel dug by Steve in order to discover the different caves that provide all the information about the most relevant changes on all the versions released. Since the infographic has been made in chronological order, the deeper we get into the hole, the older the version it is, until we get to the very bottom: the 1.0 version, the first stable Minecraft version released in 2011.
Furthermore, infographic provides general information about the game, statistical data and the most popular Minecraft related quotes.

Social Casino for Spain and LatinAmerican markets

Playspace, in collaboration with SuperData Research, has elaborated a Social Casino Infographic for Spain and LatinAmerica markets. All the data have been taken from both company insights and a survey of more than 10,000 latinamerican players.

Social Casino Infographic: Player profile

Female players outnumber males 7 to 3 and the average social casino player is 34 years old, has 1 child, has completed some college and earns over $19,000 a year.

Social Casino Infographic: Player behaviour

Social casino players in Spain and LatinAmerica prefer to play on computers rather than consoles or other platforms. When talking about mobile, Android users beat out other smartphone users 4 to 1. On average, social casino players play 1.5 hours a day, 45 hours a month and they prefer to play at night.

The social casino games prefered by these gamers are Bingo followed by Poker and Lottery. Slots, Roullete and Blackjack are less popular games in those regions.

The main reasons of why social casino players play are for stress relief and mental stimulation.

Social Casino Infographic: Payer behaviour

16% of social casino players have made an in-game purchase while the total average spending on social casino is $34,5 per month. 59% of payers have made repeat purchases and they use to buy virtual currency, energy, lifes and game accelerators. They used to pay to decrease the game difficulty and to have competitive advange. The most payment methods used in Spain and LatinAmerica regions are credit and debit cards, Paypal and bank transfers.

The History of Video Gaming Consoles 1972 – 2014

The video gaming market has technologically evolved over the past 42 years into what we know and love today. Its had its ups and down with several market crashes throughout the 70’s and 80’s but none the less the gaming market has survived and come out the other end giving us fond child hood memories and smash hit titles such as Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo’s Mario, Microsoft’s Halo, Sony’s Gran Tourismo series and even Pokemon which are all responsible for a gaming centric generation, but do you know how we ended up where we are?

Did you know the Magnavox Odyssey was the first commercial video game entertainment system? or that Sega’s Dreamcast was the first internet connected game console?.

The Past 42 years have seen the rise and fall of many game console manufacturers, Magnavox, Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft with some still standing tall and some not. This gaming infographic details the history of video game consoles and their evolution from the days of Pong when first generation consoles operated on switches, the development of larger colour palettes, the wonderful birth of Sonic the Hedgehog, the first internet connected console and even the progression into 3D game processing.


Knight Life

Did you know over 34 million people have played one of Kabam’s Camelot franchise games? That’s nearly five times the amount of viewers who tuned in to watch King Joffrey get offed on Game of Thrones!

Kabam, the western world leader in free-to-play games for traditional players, has built a multimillion dollar Camelot franchise with their wildly successful games Kingdoms of Camelot for Web, and Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North and Heroes of Camelot for mobile devices.

They polled their huge player pool of gamers – who by day are average people but by “knight,” are building powerful alliances to expand their kingdom online – and the results are fascinating!

• Kabam’s Camelot games have been installed over 34 million times
• These players have logged in over 5 billion times and have formed over 2.9 million alliances
• On average, gamers are playing nine hours per week

Poker and Food

Don’t let poker snacks derail your healthy-living New Year’s resolutions – check out our guide to the food that will keep you on top of your game…