The Perfect Logo Design for Business

A great logo requires more than just one really impressive quality, like an eye-catching color or a strong, singular message. It calls for a ton of different elements, all working in tandem with one another. A logo designer needs to create graphics that are adaptable, timeless, functional and infused with emotion all at once. Needless to say, it’s not an easy job.

This infographic from Company Folders guides you through all of the important traits that a successful logo must have. Be sure to share it and let people know how much work goes into the logos they take for granted.

A beginner’s guide to airbrushing

An airbrush works by passing a stream of fast moving (compressed) air through a venturi, which creates a local reduction in air pressure (suction) that allows paint to be pulled from an interconnected reservoir at normal atmospheric pressure. The high velocity of the air atomizes the paint into very tiny droplets as it blows past a very fine paint-metering component. The paint is carried onto paper or other surface.

D.I.Y. How To Unclog Draings

Our DIY infographic offers a solution to a very common household problem of clogged drains. In this infographic we give our tips on how you can effectively and cost efficiently unclog your drains. While many people would rush to call a plumber for this issue, there are simple solutions and procedures that you as a homeowner can take to try and remedy the issue yourself. Common entities clogging your drains include pesky items like grease, food, tissue, hair, and soap scum. Any home can fall victim to one of these common clogs and having any of these issues can pose a real hassle for everyone on the property. These simple tips could save you more than 300% the cost of calling a professional to fix the issue. In this infographic we share 7 methods we have found that can effectively help alleviate this problem, as well as the cost to implement each one. Clogged drains cause long-term problems for your water, and could become the cause of much discomfort to your home. We want to help our viewers long-term, so we also added a few prevention tips at the end of this infographic to help with long-term drain health. Simple lifestyle changes could be the difference in protecting your home from this household nuisance.

How to Calm Job Interview Nerves

Do you want to make your interview as successful as possible and raise your chances of being employed? Then perfect resume and recommendations are not enough. You should be prepared both mentally and psychologically. Though everyone knows interview is a stressful situation , employers expect you to resist stress and behave professionally. That’s why you should learn to calm interview anxiety. The infographic includes techniques which proved to be most effective in reducing stress and eliminating signs of nervousness. Following the tips you’ll become a job interview guru easily!

105 Tips for a Successful Relocation

Moving can be a stressful, complicated affair, especially for families with children and pets — and yet most of the “moving tips” out there seem to center on the importance of packing boxes and making checklists. A good checklist might keep you organized and reduce anxiety, but we noticed that there was a certain “human element” lacking in these endless lists.

We wanted to create some helpful moving hints that focused less on the physical aspects of moving to a new house, and more on doing what it takes to make a happy home once you get there. Finding a new home should be an exciting, joyful affair — and that’s something you can’t always get from a checklist. With that in mind, we created this list of 100 tips for a successful relocation that focus on the “human element” of moving.

Winter Proof your Home

Some interesting facts regarding winter weather damage and some helpful tips on protecting your home this winter.
1 in 8 people in Ireland have had their home damaged by a weather event within the last two years.Two thirds of those whose homes suffered weather damage from high winds and 6% of those to have suffered weather damage within the past two years had to pay over €5,000 to fix the damage.

Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

If you own a home in a cold climate, you could become one of the 250,000 homeowners who will live through frozen and even burst plumbing this winter. The damage from flooding can be incredibly expensive. This infographic shows you how to avoid frozen pipes, and what to do if they do freeze.