10 most iconic guitar solos of all time

Learning to play the guitar is like learning any subject at school. Too much is made of the mysterious and artistic side of learning to play musical instruments, and not enough concentration on the technical side. If you want to learn to play the guitar, you can. You don’t have to be some sort of genius. You just need the proper guidance. By making the most of online lessons, anyone can learn to play

You Brain on Music

We here at Snapverse are huge believers in the power of music. In fact, we believe that music makes everything better. Not just moments or our mood, but, as science proves, music has the power to significantly enhance our brains. Forget therapy, that yoga retreat or your daily Sudoku; check out this infographic to see all the ways that music makes us smarter, happier and generally feel better. This is your brain on music.

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Michael Jackson

Check it this infographic for facts about pop music sensation Michael Jackson. Find out about the star’s career, music, nicknames and more! If you are a Michael Jackson fan or just want to learn a little bit more about this pop icon you will not be disappointed.

Kansas City At A Glance

There has never been a better time to visit or do business in Kansas City, Missouri. The city is the largest in Missouri and has a lot of fun things to do, and a great economic environment for large and small businesses. Yes, it is known for its contribution to jazz music, and also for its Kansas City-style barbecue, but it was also noted as one of America’s best downtown areas in Forbes Magazine. It is a place with a rich cultural history, great shopping and beautiful people. Many great businesses, like Fox Web Creations call it home, as do some great artists as well. Below is more information on this great city many people love.

Get The Most From Your Music

This infographic traces the transformation over the last 100 years, from when we couldn’t even record or reproduce music to the digital age where music is everywhere all the time. It also touches on the resurgence of vinyl, and analog vs. digital.