Anatomy Of A Microscope

Today marks a first for….the publication of our first microscope infographic. The designer has included a variety of fun microscope facts, a few relevant literary quotes and a visual timeline of the evolution of microscopy. We are delighted as it does exactly what we had hoped it would do in adding an element of visual freshness and color to what is otherwise a somewhat dry topic. We are hoping that it will be a colorful addition to any science site or museum that wishes to carry it on their website while also forming a cheerful addition to our own website.

Laugh It Off: How Laughing is Beneficial to Your Health

Have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? You might be surprised to find out just how true it really is. Laughter improves our respiration, blood flow, and reduces stress while releasing endorphins in our system. Learn just how beneficial laughing is with Laugh It Off: How Laughing is Beneficial to Your Health, an infographic presented by

Most Influential Scientists of 2012

Discover the top influential scientists of the past year, spanning the areas of genetics, physics, statistics, medicine, and more. Meet people from NASA, Science Exchange, Yale and National Geographic!
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Your Brain on Drugs

Check out this infographic, brought to you by, to learn about why the human brain is so easily addicted and what it is that makes us unable to quit.

Green Energy Innovation: From the Crowd

Straight from site:

In today’s world, more and more people are becoming concerned with the environment – some to the point of dedicating their lives to trying to come up with innovative solutions to the world’s problems. Unfortunately, many of these people with great ideas don’t necessarily have the means to bring their concepts to life – at least, until now. Enter the great plane-leveler: the Internet! With the rise of crowdfunding websites, anyone with an idea now has the opportunity to promote it and even raise money!

Left handed facts and statistics

left handed facts infographic

15% of people are left handed so this infographic will help you understand some of the facts related to the life of a left handed person. Hey, are lefties geniuses?



10 Facts You Need to Know About Moving to Mars

I noticed that NerdGraph has posted some infographics about the history of missions to Mars so I thought you guys would like this one as well.

The Inspiration Mars Foundation is announcing tomorrow more detailed plans for their 2018 trip to Mars. That got us thinking: What would it take to move an entire house to Mars? We did some digging and crunched some numbers and came up with this: