The Doomsday That Never Comes

Some Doomsday preppers spend extraordinary amounts of money preparing for the end of the world.
One man in Australia spent over $350,000 on a plot of land to build a house and bunker 1,500 feet above sea level, a pickup truck to get his family safely to the spot, food, water and survival gear. In order to do this, he had to take a second mortgage out on his home.
If the world does not come to an end, all the money people are spending on the preparations for such a disaster could lead to a lot of debt and potential bankruptcies.

The reasons why most diets fail

This infographic presented by teaches us a valuable lesson not to fall for the trap of one size fits all diets. Join the Fitium movement and reach your ideal weight naturally. Enjoy the infographic and feel free to share

The infographic discusses the following points in detail
– Not Eating Enough
– Dieting as a Short-Term Solution Instead of Changing Your Lifestyle
– Poor Nutrition
– Diet Foods Taste Bad
– Lack of Exercise
– You Don’t Track Progress