Email Marketing vs Social Media

Email marketing vs social marketing. Given that your target audience is almost guaranteed to be found on Facebook, and given that those same Facebook users have email accounts, why take an ‘either or’ approach to deciding between whether email marketing or social media marketing? You can do both and benefit from the strengths of each.

Facebook vs Snapchat

This info-graphic compares two well known social networks, Snapchat and Facebook. One is just over 10 years old while the other is still in its infancy. Both are successful but Snapchat is yet to turn a profit.

10 Practical Tips To Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

Do you spend more time on Facebook than exercising? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Americans spend around 40 minutes on Facebook each day, and only about 2 hours on exercise each week. There are plenty of ways to minimize time wasted on social media, and people often recommend the extreme way – delete your Facebook account. This usually won’t work, because you will come back for more.

Here are 10 practical tips that are easy to follow and implement, as long as you are taking action immediately and stay disciplined. Most of the tips only take minutes to apply!

The Importance of Being Social

An Infographic showing the rise of customer service through social media. It shows how important social customer care is becoming and what today’s tech savvy consumers expect from brands. The infographic details how you can start and maintain social output for your business. The graphic also includes lots of statistics, tips and some amazing (and funny) examples of brands doing social customer care brilliantly and some total fails too.

The Psychology of Twitter

In an age where we document almost every aspect of our lives on social media, we often wonder the reasons behind why and what we tweet. The psychology of Twitter is a crazy thing, and this infographic helps to explain a few reasons behind it.

LinkedIn – build your professional network

The devil’s always in the details, and getting the seemingly little things done on your LinkedIn profile is one of those little things that pays off bigtime. Find out what you can do today to make your profile not only more visible, but also a lot more attractive to potential business contacts or employers.

8 Social Media Rules Kids Should Follow

The internet is fast and growing, it has changed the way of life for many people. Access to the internet has become easier today, with the help of modern technology, internet access is now one click away – desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and phablets. Access on the internet for many is like an air for their breathing, they can’t live without it. Indeed internet is an information highway, a big open space for people all around the world to use.

Enter social media, a very easy networking and communication tool. It allows people to stay connected to their friend and family even if they are on a distance. Indeed it has changed our daily lives.

The problem with the internet and social media, it can get out of control. Our kids are now more accessible to abusive content which might harm them more than help them. So how do we control our kids and protect them from the dangers?

Here are eight social media rules that kids should follow (created by, the leading resource of after school activities in Dubai):