Education is Gold: 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The much-anticipated Sochi Winter Olympics Games are here, and soon the entire nation will be glued to their TVs cheering on Shaun White, Mikaela Shiffrin and the rest of Team USA. While watching these athletes compete is entertaining in and of itself, knowing the academics behind the games can be just as fascinating.

In this infographic, we analyze the educational backgrounds of the top medal-producing countries and our favorite Team USA athletes. We also outline the physics behind some of the most popular Winter Olympic sports.

So join us in honoring the hard work, both physically and academically, these Olympians put into competing, and let the games begin!

The Cost of Super Bowl Commercials

It’s time for the Super Bowl again. One of the biggest annual television events in the entire United States. Each year, the Super Bowl draws well over 100 million viewers, but no everyone is watching for the game itself. Many tune in solely for the brand new commercials being churned out by some of the biggest players in advertising. The real point of contention is weather you’re getting the best bang for your buck advertising this demographic during the Super Bowl or if there is a better campaign that will yield greater returns. We broke down how much these marketing giants are investing to reach America’s largest single television audience in this surprising infographic.

Strained Sports: Injuries in Athletes

This infographic will take a look at which sports cause the most injuries, and how common those injuries are. It will examine a few court cases related to sports injuries. Which teams have had the most injuries in the past? All of this and more will be explained in this infographic.

Skiing VS Snowboarding: Which is more dangerous?

Our sister site Mpora has produced this graphic guide to the dangers of snowboarding vs. skiing, and guess what? Skiing comes out as more dangerous.

Well, sort-of. You’re more likely to get injured shredding (but that’s blatantly cos it’s all about getting rad innit?) and anyway, it’s much less likely to be serious or fatal apparently. Anyway, have a look at the stats for yourself and feel free to quote them as selectively as possible next time you get into an apres argument with a two-planker.

Sex Drugs & Football

Here are five football players who do not refuse the dubious pleasures of life and rarely keep themselves out of trouble. Balotelli, C. Ronaldo, Ibrahimović, Rooney and Ribéry – celebrities in the spotlights, divine yet fallible. Our infographics make an attempt to show how they tend to get rid of the heightened stress of their lives.

Modern day idols with incomes beyond imagination. They are extremely popular with loads of money. However, they themselves can also be measured in terms of money because – let us face it – football stars are traded like plastic toy figures. What is the worth of a football player who has merits, but also scandals with intense media coverage? A tabloid gold mine, for we do not have to be fans to be willing to read about Cristiano Ronaldo’s womanizing or Balotelli’s moments of madness; and, of course, about their latest sports cars. It is a different story, though, if you run over an Italian reporter with it like Ibrahimović did.

Nevertheless, for the 2,7 million fans it would have been a greater loss to move on without Mario when he burned down his house with fireworks. Ronaldo can be proud to have the largest number of FB followers, almost equaling the population of Italy, and two statues erected in his lifetime in Lisbon and Madrid. And once we are in Madrid, let us not forget about Maradona, whose name is linked not only to football, but unfortunately also to cocaine, compared to which Rooney’s consumption of cigarettes and alcohol could be excusable, simply a minor ordinary crime. The continuous cheating on his pregnant wife, however, provoked a great scandal. Bad guys seem to be attracted to bad girls, and it is not a matter of age either when it comes to the stubbly jewel of French football, the magical Ribéry.

Even though Ibra uses Taekwondo and Wazza is into boxing to get rid of stress, they can sometimes lose their tempers and act out rage on their teammates. They have been suspended numerous times… a reason why we keep cheering for them and follow their Facebook pages.