Gangam Style, The Rise [Infographic]

Gangnam Style just defines the rise of K-pop, and this time has galloped into the US, hurdling over record and record. Psy’s look at the wealth gap in Seoul, South Korea could be over looked by the flashiness and freshness of his musical video, but “Gangnam Style” is more than just an inspirational way of life. Psy is increasingly becoming popular, especially compared to other top K-pop artistes. Psy with gangnam style ranks first, followed by Girls’ generation’ Oh!, thirdly is 2NE1 I am the best, fourthly is Super Junior with sexy, free single. These are based on views, comments and likes on the official you Tube musical videos. Gangnam style has just reached 900,000,000 views on You Tube but what is it? On Twitter, it has 1,533,170 followers and on Facebook it has 3.8 million likes. You Tube 100 is a chart of top music videos featured on the website, measuring by the amount of song traffic. The following are current musical videos:1.Psy 2.Carly Rae Job 3.Justin Bieber 4.One Direction and 5.Katy Peny.
Psy’s real name is Park Jae-Sang. He is a 34year old K-pop rapper from South Korea. 5 facts about Psy are: 1.Psy’s name comes from his first album, ‘psy from psycho world’ (2001). 2.Psy first album gotten him fined for inappropriate content and the second was banned all together. 3.In 2001 he was arrested of possession of Marijuana. 4.He attended Berklee College of music in US is fluent in English. 5.He was outed ‘sacked’ for avoiding mandatory military service.
Gangnam is a very wealthy and affluent district in Seoul, South Korea. When Gangnam is compared tom New York, Gangnam is just 15 square miles compared to New York state which is 47,213 square miles but Gangnam holds 7% of South Korea GDP while New York holds 7.68% of USA GDP despite it being over 3000 times bigger than Gangnam. All of Korea’s biggest and most influential companies have Headquarters there. They include: Hyundai, Samsung and LG. 41% of attendees to prestigious Seoul University come from Gangnam, an area covering just 0.0394% of the entire country. That is the same as if 41% of student at Harvard University came from Manhattan.

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December 21st, 2012 comments Music Infographics

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