Is Prince Charming Online?

New technologies give us sense of proximity as we are connected in so many different ways. We are spoiled for choice in terms of means of communication; however, we tend to lead hectic lifestyles and there’s not much time left for socializing. This, in turn, makes it increasingly difficult to find a partner.

Whether in search of a date or someone for life, many people resort to online dating sites. We have been witnessing the proliferation of websites offering matchmaker services and the trend is continuously gaining momentum.

Nowadays most people live hectic lifestyles and they are preoccupied with their professional career. If family and social life lag somewhere behind in your hierarchy of values, online dating is the right choice. E-dating sites cater to the needs of the shy and reserved. Many people reject it as too anonymous, others appreciate time efficiency and convenience.



July 9th, 2012 comments Entertainment Infographics

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