Knight Life

Did you know over 34 million people have played one of Kabam’s Camelot franchise games? That’s nearly five times the amount of viewers who tuned in to watch King Joffrey get offed on Game of Thrones!

Kabam, the western world leader in free-to-play games for traditional players, has built a multimillion dollar Camelot franchise with their wildly successful games Kingdoms of Camelot for Web, and Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North and Heroes of Camelot for mobile devices.

They polled their huge player pool of gamers – who by day are average people but by “knight,” are building powerful alliances to expand their kingdom online – and the results are fascinating!

• Kabam’s Camelot games have been installed over 34 million times
• These players have logged in over 5 billion times and have formed over 2.9 million alliances
• On average, gamers are playing nine hours per week


September 2nd, 2014 comments Gaming Infographics

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