Smartphone Data Loss Statistics

This infograph has been assembled after conducting much research in the hopes of finding out statistics regarding mobile data loss.

The infograph describes, first of all, the number of smartphones actually used across the globe as well as translating this number into actual statistics. The infograph moves on to show case two statistics concerning App reliance.

US tailor made statistics regarding stolen or lost phones in New York and Chicago.
Next, causes of data loss are described in four blue statistical bars. Furthermore, we were quite surprised when we found out the location of the highest percentage of stolen phones.

We showcased two pivotal numbers regarding the average American’s behavior when it comes to backing up their mobile device; one was regarding the number of apps used to do the backup and next was the amount of money one is willing to pay to restore any lost or damaged data.

Finally, we arrive at the solution; if one is sick and tired of cluttering up their device with tons of apps just for the sake of backing up all the data, there is a one stop app that does it all for you.

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