Social Media Shaping Trends 2014 Infographic

Social media is catching up fast among companies worldwide, with many planning to hike up their marketing budget to connect with their customers on these platforms. Companies are spending more time and money for increasing their brand value by using social media platforms to make a bigger impact on their customers.

Every year there are new trends that come in the market, which give way to companies to increase their brand value using social media tools. And this year is no exception. There are various trends that marketers are increasingly adopting this year to connect more with their customers.

Last year 22% marketers were using social listening strategies. This number has jumped this year, with 24% of the marketers planning to use social listening strategies to enhance their customer interaction.

The impact of the trend of social media listening is considered a leap for companies who are looking to connect, understand and respond quickly and strategically to consumer’s queries and thoughts. Around 31% of the marketers believe that their social listening is fully effective in increasing their brand awareness among their target audience.

This infographic aims at helping companies understand the various trends that are shaping up this year and how they can benefit from them to increase their customer connection with these latest social media tools.

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September 30th, 2014 comments SEO / Marketing Infographics

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