Rogue Addictions

A staggering 14 million Americans abuse alcohol while 2 million are cocaine addicts, 1.4 million use meth on a regular basis and 800 thousand are addicted to heroine. These widely-acknowledged addictions are joined by addictions to food, sex, work and even shopping.
In this infographic, takes a look at many kinds of addictions afflicting those across the United States, as well as their effects and treatments.

Facebook Psychology

Many of us spend hours a day on social media and the internet without thinking twice about how it may be affecting our minds. Internet addiction is rapidly growing around the world. Check out this infographic presented by Best Master’s in Psychology to learn more about internet addiction.

Porn Effects on Dopamine Levels

Porn addiction can be addicted to almost all things related to porn, giving rise to a want regarding genital masturbation. Porn addiction will be similar to other kinds of addiction disorders, you can’t be simple to stop ones porn addiction. Porn Effects on Dopamine Levels can harm your brain because it requirements anything additional extreme to acquire that high feeling. Thus, when you need to stop the porn addiction, you will need to remove the temptation to this factor.