Ten Top Tips to Develop a Successful Enterprise App

The graphic contains illustrations themed on the popular sci-fi series, Star Trek, including – fittingly – the Star Trek Enterprise. It includes tips from the company’s technical team for the various stages of the development process, from the initial ideas stage through to maintenance post-launch. It covers aspects such as the policy changes that may be required when an app is introduced into a firm, and how to go about selecting a technological approach for its development.

iOs,Android or Windows Phone? The Best mobile platforms for your target

Have an idea for an app but do not know where to begin? Start from this infographic, which helps you to figure out which operating system to choose and why.

The apps market is now huge and full of contents, make your app better, speaking directly to your audience, studying trends and head straight for the most suitable platform.

Many of our customers, both big and small, have serious doubts about it and often feel lost and confused in a world that only talks about mobile apps, with the risk of wasting money, time and more importantly, a very good idea .

There are 3 platforms (Apple, Android, Windows) which together take almost all of the mobile market. They have huge differences among them, not only in hardware but also in functionality and aesthetics in the target and in how they approach the market.

Each one has its audience and each app has its own content, each content has a style and each style has its best suited platform.

The Mobile Continuum

Whether it’s working, presenting, computing, or communicating, mobile technologies are making sales teams sleeker and meeting customer needs in dynamic new ways. In the following infographic, we’re outlining a few different types of technologies that more and more B2B companies have been adopting lately. We’ll start by illustrating how mobile has been penetrating the workplace. Next, we’ll outline the ways in which businesses have been embracing cloud services. From there, we’ll move on to location services, and finish up by shedding light on how salespeople are making presentations more customized and more personalized.

Is Mobile Healthcare the Future?

Is mobile healthcare the future? This is the question that many mobile app users and healthcare professionals are asking. Mobile health or mHealth is projected to be a 26 billion dollar industry by 2017. With over 97,000 health and fitness related mobile apps currently on Google Play and Apple App Store, and 4 million downloads per day, it is difficult to deny the rising popularity of the industry. Check out the infographic below to find out more interesting stats on the mobile healthcare industry.

The Foundations Of A Successful App

Blood Brothers, Minecraft, Dragonplay Poker, Words With Friends and Candy Crush Saga — What do these apps have in common? They are some of the highest grossing free apps on the Android market. Each one has a different kind of gameplay, so what has made them all so popular?
In this infographic, Startapp takes a look at some of the most popular apps today as well as the way that community gameplay has help their rise to success.