The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

Australia is one country that is home to many of the most dangerous animals in the world. For a lot of people it’s one of the first things that comes to mind when Australia is mentioned and for good reason. Australia has deadly snakes, spiders, sharks, crocodiles and jellyfish among others that you would not want to meet in the wild.

This infrographic illustrates the top ten most dangerous animals in Australia. Most of the animals on the list you would expect to be there but others may surprise you.

The list was originally created by the Australian Museum in Sydney and the parameters for the their research were based on the threat posed by each animal as well as how likely you would be to come across them in the wild.

Best Value Holiday Destinations for Australians

Exchange rates are always fluctuating, and where they’re at can determine whether it’s a bargain – or a burden – to travel to another country. For Australians, the 5 countries featured in this globe-trotting infographic all offer great bargains for the Australian dollar in the year 2013!

Top Travel Destinations Australia

Australia is a huge country. People usually think that it is best to travel the country by plane. But what is so great about Australia, if not the outback and the wonderful nature? Do something different, take a road trip and enjoy what the Australian nature has to offer. But where to go in Australia? Check out this infographic with awesome tips!

Australian Ecommerce Statistics

In the lead up to launching our site we did some research on where Australians are spending there time and money and were surprised to find that just under half of the Australian population have a facebook account and that men used the internet more than women. Online sales in Australia is predicted to be worth a whopping $37.1 Billion dollars by 2013, showing that more users are becoming more comfortable shopping online. Travel and Accommodation take the cake for most popular purchase online taking up 74% of all purchases.