Is camping still popular in the UK?

Have you ever been camping or have friends that enjoy going camping?

It seems that in the past few years more people than ever decide to spend their free time in the middle of nature, either with friends or alone. It could be because we want to save money due to the current economic crisis and see camping as an alternative to spending money on holidays abroad. Or maybe the recent popularity of television programs such as Man vs. Wild or the BBC Nature series have awaken a desire within us to escape the urban forest of glass and steel and go into the wild in search of adventure, solitude or deeper friendships.

The infographic provides information about how often do people prefer to go camping, while looking as well at the some characteristics of the average camper such as age, reasons for choosing camping, who they go camping with. Also, the infographic provides information about the top destinations of UK campers, whether local or global and, importantly, looks at the reasons why camping is so attractive for so many of us.

If you ever considered camping or were wondering why people love camping, this infographic is for you.