The Worlds Most Dangerous and Unusual Careers

Would you dare to plunge hundreds of feet into the bitter cold ocean, toy with man’s wildest predators or soar high into the air from a canon, all in the name of work? There are some people who do.

Croftons have searched far and wide, to find the most unusual and dangerous careers from around the globe and the perils that these workers face every day. We have looked into the obviously dangerous jobs, such as stunt men and fire fighters, as well as some of the more surprising ones, such as window cleaners and landscapers. After much deliberation, the finalists were found and you can see who made the shortlist in our infographic below.

LA vs SF – Where Do Tech Workers Have It Better?

Over the last couple years, startups have increasingly passed over tech epicenter SF in favor of the burgeoning startup scene in the sunny south. Intrigued, we decided to dig a little deeper in an attempt to figure out where the urban living is best for techies. Which city offers the ideal combo of glorious weather, job opportunities aplenty, rent that won’t suck you dry, a vibrant dating scene, and, of course, a wide variety of gourmet food trucks to fuel all those hours spent behind a monitor? Take a quick trip through this infographic and decide for yourself – where would you rather make your tech dreams come true?

Top 20 highest paying careers

The education infographic is a breakdown of the highest paying careers and average lifetime earnings based on education levels. We take a look at several factors like race, gender, and degree levels achieved to show readers the statistics and possibilities associated with higher learning.

Common lies told by jobseekers

A recent survey found that 40% of candidates admitted to stretching the truth look impressive during an interview. It can be easy to get carried away when you really want a job but honesty is always the best policy and in the long run it will only do more damage than good. Below are the full results of the survey and also a few famous examples where people have been caught out.