A Very Merry Mailing List

Holiday cheer is easy to spread – all it takes is a little extra effort and care. One way to put a smile on the faces of the ones you love, or to show business clients and employees that you care, is to send a friendly holiday greeting card. But if you send a card, you need to make sure it will bring more smiles than cringing. To help you along, this infographic presents twelve tips to make your holiday card personal, professional, and a joy to behold. Be original, be personal, and above all be professional! Everyone loves feeling like they’re being treated to something special and well-thought out. Like they say: in a gift, it really is the thought that counts. So follow the lead of these cute and knowledgeable animals and put your best paw forward this season!

How Santa Came to Be

The holidays are right around the corner and the world is clamoring with excitement for the gifts that will be coming down the chimney this Christmas Eve. Children all around the world display their best behavior as Christmas nears with the hopes they make Santa’s “nice” list and receive the gifts they want when they wake up on Christmas morning.

The mysterious and elusive Santa Claus wasn’t always around, however. The Kris Kringle we know today has only been in existence for about the last few hundred years and only gained mainstream popularity much more recently than that. So where did Santa come from? – you might ask. The answer isn’t as simple as you might imagine. Santa Claus, or Saint Nick, has come about as a culmination of hundreds upon hundreds of winter, Yule and Christmas gift-giving beliefs and traditions that have slowly evolved into the jolly Father Christmas that is celebrated today. This infographic, created by Kremp Florist, explores the origins and evolution of Santa Claus and other Christmas characters that are the life of the Christmas spirit each year.

The Real Cost of Christmas in the UK

To a lot of people Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get together with family, friends and loved-ones, spend time with each other and share the act of gift giving. In 2013, we spent a total of £72.7 billion, and this Christmas the figure is likely to increase to £88 billion.
Our seasonal infographic shows what the true cost of Christmas 2014 is expected to be.
Just over one-fifth of the total Christmas spend is used to buy food and drink for the holiday season, with an average of £161 being spent on the traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and ‘all the trimmings’. Travel over the season accounts for 8%, and the final 3% on festive decorations.
The graphic reveals more than half of the money we spend over Christmas (67%) to be on presents. Top gifts for children are games consoles, cuddly toys and the perennial favourite; board games. Perfume, handbags and jewellery prove ever-popular presents for ladies, and gents can expect techie gifts such as gaming consoles and tablets, along with watches and of course aftershave, in their stockings this year!
Although Christmas doesn’t always have to be expensive, it often is, and two out of five people claim they feel pressurised to spend more money than they can really afford over the Christmas period. Also, the fact that Christmas involves giving presents to everyone at the same time along with buying those little extras to put around the house, or on the dinner table, can make it hard to manage financially.

Ho Ho Homeowners

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially with unexpected mishaps. Learn more about these plausible mishaps by taking a look at our characterized infographic. After reading through the statistics you may think to yourself “I wonder if my insurance covers that?” Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone!

How Christmas is Celebrated Around the Globe

How Christmas is Celebrated Around the Globe gives an insight into how people in different countries celebrate Christmas. The distinctions and characteristics of these cultures are very interesting. No matter HOW we do it, the most important is that we spend Christmas with our loved ones in a joyful atmosphere.

A look at Christmas through e-commerce

With the pinnacle retail season fast approaching, the significance of all things e-commerce in heightening.

In recent years we have seen the epic rise of e-commerce whilst the once great British high street has suffered. Retailers are increasingly concentrating their efforts online to supplement sales and satisfy customer demand. With this in mind the emphasis on providing the highest quality service, delivering on time and keeping up with digital trends are more important than ever.

If your business isn’t already prepared for the Christmas rush, check out the infographic below to get more facts on how e-commerce and Christmas go hand-in-hand, the problem areas and the importance of getting it right.

What Your Christmas Lights Say About You

Have you ever wondered why you picked a certain Christmas light or holiday decoration color? Maybe these colors are so in tune with your personality that they emotionally mean something to you. Psychologically speaking, the colors you choose for your Christmas lights do say something about you, find out what so next time you’re out shopping for Christmas lights or holiday decor you’ll know which to choose for the right impression!