Campus Safety

Although campus safety awareness month was in September, it’s always good to have a reminder of some tips and facts on how to stay safe! Check out this infographic to stay aware of the crimes associated with college students.

The 2014 State of the Internship

What does the internship economy really look like? Do students themselves believe internships are valuable — and do they lead to full-time jobs? These are all big questions, especially for college students weighing internship options.

InternMatch, a LookSharp company, conducted one of the largest internship surveys of all time in order to discover some of the answers. Surveying more than 9,000 students from all over the U.S. and from all walks of life, the state of the internship report gives insight into just what it’s like to be an intern in 2014.

The Symbiosis Between Education and Income

It’s no secret that earning a college degree or a graduate degree can lead to a higher-paying job. But do you realize just how big the difference can be? We’ve broken it down to show you what kinds of jobs — and how much pay — you can expect when you earn a degree. You should never choose a major or a line of work solely for the pay, but keep these stats in mind if you’re wondering whether or not you should go back to school.
Also, think about costs as you consider pursuing more education. While a higher degree can pay off significantly, it can also come with a high price tag… Your return on investment will not only depend on how much you earn, but how much you have to pay to get that degree.

Shortcuts To Land Your First Job

Hello – I wanted to share with you an infographic created by Collegefeed, to help students and new grads with the job-search process:

Collegefeed is a new social platform that acts like a personal career assistant to help students and new grads find their dream jobs. Collegefeed takes a new turn from the traditional network, as it is designed solely for new grads and is a way for them to brand themselves professionally for the first time using their college experience. Collegefeed offers tools that go beyond simply viewing a connection’s contacts or a university page, but puts students in front of a company–Facebook, Google, Go Daddy, and many others–that are looking to fill entry level positions. Additionally, Collegefeed includes a Netflix-like recommendation engine that suggests companies and positions (and now fellow students) based on a person’s degree, interests and other factors.

Please let me know if I can send additional information and I hope you like the information!

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Student Debt: A Million Millions

With student debt quickly becoming a hot-button national issue here in America and parents and student alike questioning the real value of a college degree Student Debt: A Million Millions examines and puts into perspective the over $1 trillion of student debt in the United States. With the current total of student debt in America surpassing the $959 billion the U.S. federal government spends on healthcare in a fiscal year this infographic presented by lends perspective on what we are really paying and sacrificing for a “top-dollar” college education and if there is maybe a better option for future students.