Declassifying Google’s Hummingbird

Google’s hummingbird update sets on changing how results are pulled and displayed on Google’s front page. Having original and high quality content has never been more important than now. But is that what hummingbird update is about?

Checkout our infographic what we think Google is up to when releasing the hummingbird update!

30 Digital Marketing Statistics

We are now living in computer and digital generation that’s why online digital marketing is now getting in demand. If you already have an agency that doing digital services, you shouldn’t miss to read this stuff about digital marketing statistics!

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013”, our latest infographic, provides a comprehensive analysis of tools and technologies that will define the digital marketing landscape this year. It traces the impact of the digital revolution on consumer behavior and highlights key trends that marketers need to focus on in 2013. It provides insights on optimally utilizing various elements of a digital marketing strategy like mobile marketing, social media, content marketing and author rank, to offer greater reach, better relevancy and higher customer engagement.

2013 Digital Marketing Trends and Priorities

The digital world changes quickly. Sometimes, so fast it’s difficult to know which marketing channels to focus on in order to maximise ROI and improve sales/leads.
Xanthos Digital Marketing’s infographic gives you a glimpse into the 5 key areas that companies and digital marketing agencies will focus on in 2013.
Information within infographic courtesy of Econsultancy.