Preloved Dog

We love dogs here at Preloved and as one of the largest UK classified ad sites, there are with over 15,000 dogs looking for new homes. To help promote these dogs to help them find their forever home, we asked members and visitors to take part in our dog related survey to create an entertaining infographic. With over 2,300 responses, we had some intriguing results – who knew that 42% of people who answered our survey dress up their dogs!

Difference Between Dog & Cat Food

The ingredient panel of a bag of dog food and a bag of cat food may look similar, but there are some key nutritional differences that you may not realize from simply reading the package. It is important to understand that dogs and cats are different species, and their bodies function differently. This infographic will highlight some of the key differences, and what that can mean for your pet.

Doggie Doings And The Environment

We in the UK are nation of dog lovers, there are over 8.5 million dogs in the UK. All those dogs can have a big impact on the environment, producing in excess of 1,000 tonnes of dog waste per day.

Not only is there an impact on the environment but a there is a financial one too. Local authorities in the UK are spending £22m per year encouraging us to clear up after our doggies.

It’s not just the right thing to do you can be fined up to £1000 for not clearing it up!

From Wolf to Wag: The Evolution of the Dog

Most people have some vague notion of wolves and dogs being related species, but how can the ever-so-cute/ugly pug be related to the majestic grey wolf? This infographic from Invisible Fence details the process, and covers recent data on dog ownership trends and more.

Explore the myths and facts shaping the Pit-Bull debate.

On behalf of 1-800-PetMeds, we wanted to share an infographic we thought you may be interested in. This infographic reveals a lot of interesting facts about pit bulls with the understanding that there are people for and against this breed of dog. Similarly, this is intended to be educational, adding a lot to the conversation about Pit Bulls as well as dogs in general.