B2B E-commerce Evolution: Selling Software in the Digital Age

This infographic tells a story about a wonderful land of opportunity: The B2B software e-commerce market. Estimated to be almost $1 trillion in 2014, the B2B e-commerce market is bigger than its more famous sibling, the B2C market, and independent software vendors stand to make big bucks selling to business and organizations of all kinds. This infographic focuses on the kinds of digital tools and assets B2B software merchants need to succeed in selling software online in today’s e-commerce world.

The Selling Habits Of Top Online Earners

It comes as no surprise that retailers are reporting significant boosts to their online trading activities: and Parcel2Go has captured the results to share some extremely interesting insights into what’s hot (average and maximum earnings), what’s not (security concerns) as well as what the future has in store for the retail industry (excuse the pun).

The Economic Impact of Shipwire

When we announced that Shipwire was joining the Ingram Micro team, we thought about how to best convey how we felt about this exciting new chapter.

While the news got picked up far and wide, what we wanted to say could not be summed up through an article or a press release.

We have worked hard to bring Enterprise logistics for everyone®. Along the way, we’ve helped many brands and entrepreneurs. So instead of writing about it, we thought we would tell the visual story of Shipwire with an infographic.

A look at Christmas through e-commerce

With the pinnacle retail season fast approaching, the significance of all things e-commerce in heightening.

In recent years we have seen the epic rise of e-commerce whilst the once great British high street has suffered. Retailers are increasingly concentrating their efforts online to supplement sales and satisfy customer demand. With this in mind the emphasis on providing the highest quality service, delivering on time and keeping up with digital trends are more important than ever.

If your business isn’t already prepared for the Christmas rush, check out the infographic below to get more facts on how e-commerce and Christmas go hand-in-hand, the problem areas and the importance of getting it right.

In-house vs. Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

Deciding between hiring an in-house affiliate program manager (AM) or an outsourced program manager (OPM) is a task that should not be taken lightly. Although both have the same tasks and responsibilities, their positions are very different, which this infographic shows in great detail. After you study this infographic, you will find that hiring an OPM will most likely be the better choice for your e-commerce business’s affiliate marketing needs. If you outsource the job to a company whose expertise lies in online marketing, the results you’ll achieve will be much greater than going with an in-house manager. For help making your decision, this infographic will be an invaluable tool.