If I Only Had a Dollar

Economist published “The Big Mac Index” a lighthearted approach to analyzing the difference between actual prices and exchange rates. Starting from this, here are some updated stats on the cost of the Big Mac in different countries and, for comparison, what 1 US dollar can get you.

A Job In Accounting Profession: Helpful tips On How You Can Succeed

In any sort of business, an accountant is essential. You have to consider that accounting is generally the language of business and possessing adequate understanding of accounting is crucial for businessmen and women to know how their business is performing. That is why accountant services are very much in demand in today’s market. And, lots of certified accountants have come to be rather successful in their field and some have actually started off their own company.

The good issue about this profession is the fact that it is going to allow you to interact with all levels of commercial enterprise and you will also learn quite a bit from it.

So, what exactly does it take to become an accountant and succeed in this profession?

Retail Trends Worldwide

Where in the world id the retail market thriving? Which emerging markets are set to be the retail hotspots of the future? Is Brazil going to remain an economic force after the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more using this retail focused inforgraphic brought to you by the expert retail team at Cegid UK.

The All-powerful Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is the largest player in the world’s largest economy. It’s a behemoth more powerful than Congress that affects us all. And it’s on a runaway train – they could issue money to bail out banks without anyone realizing it. Read more on the dangers of an all-powerful federal reserve from this infographic.

The Top Economies in Africa

For the past decade, Africa’s economy has been growing, on average, by 5.3% per year. But that’s not the full measure of a continent. A recent study looked at 4 different pillars derived from 88 different indicators to help determine which African countries are succeeding and which ones are still struggling.