Responsive email design is no longer optional

When it comes to email marketing it’s crucial that your email design is responsive. Over 91% of consumers check their emails on a smartphone daily and by not having a responsive format, this will see a decline in your open rates. This latest Infographic by, shows lots of in-depth statistics about why you should include responsive design in your email campaigns.

How to Use Email Marketing to Sell Without Being Salesy

With email marketing, need to use high pressure sales tactics because you have the ability to automatically follow up with your subscribers indefinitely at a very low cost. This provides you with the opportunity to use higher level sales strategies that don’t produce as much heartburn in your prospects.

Email Marketing vs Social Media

Email marketing vs social marketing. Given that your target audience is almost guaranteed to be found on Facebook, and given that those same Facebook users have email accounts, why take an ‘either or’ approach to deciding between whether email marketing or social media marketing? You can do both and benefit from the strengths of each.

Why Email Split Testing is Essential for Profitability

Do you know what conversion elements to test and track in your email campaigns? Do you know how to test them?You might think that email marketing is so low cost that you don’t need to test, you can just create another campaign if things aren’t going well. But you’re forgetting about the opportunity cost- the potential lack of sales due to not testing.

Email List Building Tips

There are 5 important steps in building an email list. Whatever you offer to your new subscriber, it’s important to deliver a high value experience. No matter how competitive and challenging your niche is, if you deliver on your promise, you can establish a strong and favorable relationship with new subscribers.