How to Use Email Marketing to Sell Without Being Salesy

With email marketing, need to use high pressure sales tactics because you have the ability to automatically follow up with your subscribers indefinitely at a very low cost. This provides you with the opportunity to use higher level sales strategies that don’t produce as much heartburn in your prospects.

5 Ways To Get Your Email Opened First

Email can be the most powerful, profitable, and inexpensive marketing tool out there, but the problem is that all of your competitors know this too. A lot of subscribers get massive amounts of emails a day, and a lot of them can be from your competitors, or even get sent to spam. The goal is to get your emails opened right from the moment the subscribers sees it, and there are five steps to get that done.

Are you getting the most out of your transactional email Infographic

It’s news to no one that there’s a lot of email floating around in the world. In fact, the average email account receives 47 emails every day.

The majority of these are business emails, which to most of us means things like email newsletters, news updates, and other marketing material. While some email campaigns are much more successful than others, few have the same potential as transactional email.

A quick definition here. ‘Transactional email’ means any one-at-a-time email that is triggered by a user’s interaction with a website or app. This can mean e-receipts, thank you emails, comment notifications and password resets. Transactional emails don’t have to involve the exchange of money, though they are important in e-commerce.

So where does all this potential come from? A lot of it stems from the open rate, which averages over 100% for the average transactional email, which will be opened multiple times.

Making the most of these openings, and keeping Can-Spam compliant while you do it, is the subject of our infographic: Are you getting the most out of your transactional email?

Anatomy of An Email Signature

This infographic from comes from analysis of over 700 million emails in the last 2 years.

It explores what the average professional adds to their email signature (yes, you might be surprised),the do’s and don’ts of emails signatures and also the origin of the email signature is also touched upon.

Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Isn’t Spam

When it comes to email marketing, besides a basic understanding of the English language and spell-check, it’s actually a pretty fine line—but a very discernible one if you pay attention to one simple thing: the customer’s preference.

In this infographic, we’ll compare the attributes of spam and legitimate email marketing. We’ll illustrate how spam is an offensive intrusion, while the other is a welcome interaction (with high business ROI). And we’ll show you how to know which category your campaigns fall into.