The Environmental Impact of Funerals

The amount of resources and energy currently needed to support traditional funerals in North America is shocking. Qeepr has launched the first infographic to depict the major environmental detriments caused by burial and cremation traditions in the United States.

Why Buying Local is Worth Every Cent

Buying local not only helps your community’s local economy in major ways, it also helps the environment as a whole by lowering harmful carbon dioxide emissions. The United States alone imports $2.2 trillion worth of products yearly from over 150 countries. Furthermore, shipping produces one billion metric tons of CO2 AND uses 11 billion gallons of fuel per year internationally. Buying from local and independent businesses cuts down on the shipping, transport, and packaging costs used by big box and chain retailers.
Do what you can for the environment and for your community’s economy by going local this Earth Day and every day!
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Is it Green to be Green?

If you have even been the slightest bit interested in going “green” you’ve noticed that it seems to be a little more expensive, however, is it really? This infographic presented by compare the green lifestyle to a typical lifestyle, and you will find out that being green can actually save you some green.