Vegan Shopping List

Sure, you have plenty of vegan cookbooks, recipes and snack ideas at hand. But do you know where to find the ingredients in your average, non-specialty grocery store? What’s safe to buy? What can trip you up?

How much food should my baby eat?

What is the correct amount of food i should be giving my baby? That is a common question to all parents, especially first-time ones. The first thing to acknowledge is there is no absolute answer, because it will always depend on your baby metabolism.But we built this infographic to serve as a guide to you into introducting solid food in your baby routine, from 4 to 12 months.

The most important thing is to enjoy this beautifull moment with your child and always seek guindance from a doctor.

10 Restaurant Industry Trends to Watch Out For in 2014

Predicting upcoming trends is never easy. Especially when you consider predictions for an industry as volatile as the restaurant industry. is committed to helping restaurant owners grow their business, so we put together these 10 restaurant industry trends based on feedback and predictions from hundreds of restaurant owners as well as industry specialists. The trends are categorized into Culinary, Beverage, Marketing, Tech, and Design, and some of them may surprise you!

Tips on Snapping Food on Instagram

Instagram allows people to follow their friend´s everyday-life, and this has resulted in that the Instagram feeds are full of holiday, exercise and, probably most commonly, food photos.

Regardless if it is a meal on the restaurant or a home-made supper, people want to give the food the presentation that it deserves. This guide from Bookatable will give you the top tips on how to get the angles, lightning, focus and background right in order to get as many likes as possible.

Kids Eat Free & Adules Eat Cheap

Many people consider eating out to be a special treat. This is certainly true if you’re watching your wallet: Restaurants=$$$

Did you know you can take the family out…on a budget? Sometimes almost for free! Here’s our tips to enjoy a meal out…at a price you’ll also savor.