Ultimate list of 10 roommates to avoid

If a roommate spectrum has to be build then there will be few kinds who will lie on the good end of the spectrum. These kind of roommates make living together fun and comfortable. But, experience; the most brutal of teachers, has proved that there are some kinds of roommates who lie in the opposite end of the spectrum: the bad side. These roommates are the ones which should be avoided at any cost. Now we don’t mean to say that these are evil people but unless your habits match theirs, life will become a living hell. Grabhouse, after an extensive research, has been able to compile a list of 10 worst roommates and has also given some suggestions on how to avoid them. Have a look!

Where Did My Missing Sock Go? The Trails and Travails of Popular Characters…and Their Missing Socks

In the stories we tell in movies, television, video games, and novels, we portray characters who seek the truth. But one mystery has never been solved, and the adventures to unravel it have, for too long, been relegated to the background. This infographic seeks to bring those backstage antics front and center, and provides popular fictional characters confronting the mystery of where socks go when we lose them. Mis-matched and missing socks affect us all – but it’s good to laugh at this hardship sometimes, and know that we’re not alone.

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AVN Awards – The Creation of a Star

The annual AVN awards highlight the top adult performers of the year among the industry’s best. Although performances vary thematically and artistically, there are characteristics that many winners share. We’ve compiled the winner’s stats and we’ve built the perfect adult stars.