The Science Behind Happiness

Everybody wants to be and feel happy but did you know that how happy you feel all starts with six tiny molecules found in your brain? From Oxytocin, the love molecule, to Adrenaline, the energy molecule, this infographic breaks down what exactly each of these molecules are and how they affect you and your state of happiness. This helpful infographic from the folks at Jazzercise even includes actions you can take to give certain chemicals a boost. So if you’re low on endorphins, smell some vanilla, throw on some music and exercise, and you should feel those endorphins in no time!

You Can Afford a Healthy Life

Wouldn’t you like to have more money on a daily basis to do the things you love most AND afford to be healthy? Sometime it seems as though the only way to make ends meet is the sacrifice one for the other. But what if we told you that by implementing a few simple changes into your routine you could end up spending much less money and time, while optimizing your health and the health of your family. From working out at home versus the gym to buying in bulk, we’ve got some tips and tricks guaranteed to fast-track your savings.

The Effects of Diet and Exercise on the Human Body

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How Zit Going? Caring for Acne

Acne plagues about 40 to 50 million people in the United States. About 85% of people ages 12-24 develop acne. While it’s not a life-threatening condition, acne can cause scars and leave you feeling unconfident, depressed, and unwilling to show your face to anyone. But don’t lose hope! Learn about acne and the right ways to combat it.

it’s Time for a Cuppa

How Much Tea do the British Really Drink? This infographic answers the question with UK tea drinking stats and facts about British workers’ tea drinking in the office, general tea drinking habits, as well as tea health info.

How much food should my baby eat?

What is the correct amount of food i should be giving my baby? That is a common question to all parents, especially first-time ones. The first thing to acknowledge is there is no absolute answer, because it will always depend on your baby metabolism.But we built this infographic to serve as a guide to you into introducting solid food in your baby routine, from 4 to 12 months.

The most important thing is to enjoy this beautifull moment with your child and always seek guindance from a doctor.

What do I need to know about NHS healthcare vs. Private healthcare?

The NHS is under constant scrutiny from both the press and the public and as a government funded body, struggles to meet the standard of care that private healthcare companies are able to meet. This infographic takes a look at some of the key issues facing the NHS, from waiting times to bed blocking, in comparison to private healthcare, using facts and statistics gathered from authoritative sources and health professionals to discover more about NHS vs. Private healthcare in the UK.

Different Types of Kids Play

Little ones today play most likely the same way kids of the old days. They love role playing game, dress up as fairy tale characters or robots. They also like the make-up conversation with their toys like barbies, animals in the farm, or as if they are talking to somebody with their telephone. By allowing them to spend their time to play, rest assured you’re giving them the time of their lives as they are going through their childhood stage.

Play is necessary in child’s development due to the benefits they acquired for their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and emotional growth. It may seem like a mere kid’s play but there’s a lot of action going on during the process.

To help you have the ideas about kids play that will benefit your children,, the leading resources of after school activities in UAE made an infographic, that discuss types of play:

Your Baby’s Size Week by Week

The infographic is divided into the three trimesters of pregnancy. In each trimester, there are cute and humorous illustrations comparing baby’s growth to a fruit or vegetable for each and every week. From a poppyseed to a plum, to a sweet potato and all the way through to a jackfruit, let this infographic guide you to a better understanding and anticipation of this fruitful journey towards motherhood.