The Bump and the Grind

A helpful infographic about your baby’s daily evolution. From a tiny mass of cells through to a full well-developed baby, let this colorful and informative infographic guide you to understanding the weekly changes taking place in your body during pregnancy.

Simple Ways to Keep Healthy Testosterone Levels

This infographic goes over tips to help maintain a healthy testosterone level, the effects of an imbalanced testosterone level, and important statistics on men’s health. Bringing up this topic in an infographic is a good way to inform your audience about this extremely important health issue that too often goes undiscussed. From avoiding soy to increasing Vitamin D, this infographic gives the do’s and don’ts to help any male keep their testosterone in check.

12 Refreshing and Healthy Summer Cocktails

The summer is finally here, and most of us are spending our days dreaming of our much-anticipated vacations that always seem to be just around the corner, but not now. Luckily, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of the great weather and seasonal food before you take off for a week to some tropical paradise. Throw a barbeque at your local pool or a nearby beach, or if that is difficult, simply host a summer-themed party for the excuse of using all sorts of creative and refreshing summer cocktail recipes for your family and friends. Don’t think that these tasty alcoholic treats will necessarily be bad for you either. Why not go all out and choose summer drinks recipes that are both refreshing and healthy?

Workout Myths and Misconceptions

Fitness and health are growing topics that don’t seem to be a trend or fad. There is so much different information out there; it is hard to really decipher what advice is beneficial. This infographic by Chuze Fitness displays the different common myths and misconceptions in the fitness niche. The key to a successful workout routine is making sure you know what to do and what not to do. Your time is valuable, and your time dedicated to fitness should be optimized. Which misconceptions have you been guilty of? Make sure that you and your fitness regimen are healthy and on track.

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The Acid Truth

As dental marketing experts, Dental Max have created this visually eye catching infographic to raise awareness about acid erosion. Being the leading cause of tooth decay, this infographic is great for dentists to print out and put up in their dental practice to help educate their patients. Alternatively, it will look great on any blog, thanks to the hand drawn graphics and the well designed colour scheme.

50 Incredible Facts About Water Infographic

Our 50 Incredible Facts About Water Infographic communicates our passion for pure water and the environment. It features 50 incredible facts about water and takes you on a journey from outer space into the average home in the UK. It covers everything from rainfall in Scotland to the International Space Station, from a Sunday Newspaper to Martian dirt.

The infographic was designed by Jessica Webb, a designer based in the UK, for Aquatec – the Pure Water People as a teaching tool and shareable resource.

All You Need to Know About Cigarettes

42.1 million people (18.1% of all adults) in the United States smoke cigarettes, while 5 Million is the worldwide total deaths caused by tobacco every year. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States so quitting smoking before the age of 40 reduces the risk of dying from smoking-related disease by about 90%.