Optimizing the Home Healthcare System

Healthcare companies are going home. That is, to the homes of millions of patients with chronic illness that require assistance in their everyday lives. These companies who have made the move to provide assistance to patients in need are helping to decrease hospital readmission rates, which is great news for everyone.

In this infographic, home healthcare providers are discussed in further detail, and many facts are illuminated that prove the need for this service.

The Impact of Poor Health in America

This infographic provided by Solstice Medicine provides a quick look at the factors that can help determine life expectancy and then compares the rates across the world. Surprisingly, the United States does not fare as well as you would expect. Dozens of countries rank ahead of the U.S. including many less wealthy and less industrialized countries. Japan ranks the best and for life expectancy and even Cuba is in front of the United States. And it doesn’t get much better when you look at infant mortality rates as the U.S. falls behind here as well with Cuba again faring better than their Northern neighbors.