How to save up to $2000 on your 2015 flight ticket

With Christmas and New Years over, it’s time to think about saving for that 2015 holiday you’ve been dreaming about. ExpressVPN took time out of our Christmas holidays to find some secret tips and tricks to hack your way to cheaper air fares.

Tips for Cheaper air tickets

We used our Windows VPN app to change our IP location and see what the fare differences were using a flight on Expedia.

10 Travel Problems Solved By Technology

Often when you go traveling there are a small handful of common holiday problems that try their best to reek havoc, given the opportunity. We have taken 10 of the most common travel problems and found a solution to each of them using 10 incredibly useful apps and pieces of technology, designed to make your holiday all the more enjoyable.

Ho Ho Homeowners

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially with unexpected mishaps. Learn more about these plausible mishaps by taking a look at our characterized infographic. After reading through the statistics you may think to yourself “I wonder if my insurance covers that?” Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone!

How much data do you use when you travel?

When you take your phone on holiday data can cost a fortune. Many people have learned the hard way and have been hit with a larger than expected phone bill when they return home. Because of this many people how turn off data roaming to prevent this happening again. If you are wise to what actions use the most data and where in the world is cheaper for data you can still access the internet and social media when you travel, this infographic will help you do that.

This infographic has been created by WorldSIM, we have developed a range of travel products that save you money and enable you to use your phone, tablet and laptop when you travel, without the fear of getting a large bill.

Weird & Wonderful Festivals

As well as ensuring you get the best deals on your holiday destinations, Latedeals are also in-the-know when it comes to all things travel and fun related.
While everybody has been getting excited about the first Glastonbury ticket sale for next year’s festival, it got us thinking about festivals across the world as well as at home, so we thought we’d do a bit of research just in case any of you fancy a different festival experience next year.
To see what we’ve come up with, have a look at our infographic for some more amazing festival facts, and inspiration.