Braided Festival Updo

Find your prefect festival hair style for spring/summer 2014 with Regis’s easy Step By Step hair tutorial infographics. Just as lineups are starting to be announced and early bird tickets are being released start thinking about your hair and wardrobe too! For more hair tips and advice head too..

Is Your Home Protected?

Are you living in Perth and concerned about the security of your home while on vacation? If so, then it is imperative that you get the best home security system to safeguard your valuable possessions. Like many people, you may believe that intruders smash windows to gain access to homes; however the reality is that they are far more likely to sneak in through unlocked storage areas, back doors or poorly secured basement windows.
You will be astonished to know that most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at houses that are without perfect security systems. As such, unprotected houses are more likely to be targeted by intruders. The good news is that burglaries do not have to occur. There are plenty of things that you can do to secure your home, ensuring a stress-free vacation with your family members. Here are some of the prominent tips that will enable you to make your house burglar-proof:

• Do not announce your travel plans on social media websites, as some burglars closely watch for these types of announcements to confirm whether you are home.
• Do not hide spare keys under the door mat as thieves can easily find your hiding spot and take your priceless belongings.
• Use the best SMS security system to get an instant alert on your phone in the event of your home being burglarised.
• Make it a point to trim the overgrown bushes as these places prove to be a good hiding point for thieves.

A Field Guide to the Wonderful World of Clients

Tons of companies have to deal with clients. But they’re not always a ray of sunshine to work with.

The wonderful world of clients often includes handling many different types of clients. Some are less-than-willing to work with you on projects, and instead want to take the reins themselves. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, they have no idea what they want. When you’re stuck with clients who micromanage or lack direction, it makes for a very tough relationship.

This infographic by Ciplex, a digital marketing and creative agency, details how to recognize when a client is displaying characteristics that make them tough to work with–and what to do about it.