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In this travelling world, the internet and the mobile are slowly creeping in as the preferred mode to plan itinerary and communicate when abroad. Many subscribers become silent roamers when they land in a foreign country to avoid bill shock. For the telecom operators it has become increasingly imperative to predict travel patterns. Mobileum’s Traveler Infographic aims to aide telecom operators understand the need to provide a seamless international customer experience.

How much data do you use when you travel?

When you take your phone on holiday data can cost a fortune. Many people have learned the hard way and have been hit with a larger than expected phone bill when they return home. Because of this many people how turn off data roaming to prevent this happening again. If you are wise to what actions use the most data and where in the world is cheaper for data you can still access the internet and social media when you travel, this infographic will help you do that.

This infographic has been created by WorldSIM, we have developed a range of travel products that save you money and enable you to use your phone, tablet and laptop when you travel, without the fear of getting a large bill.

How Much Does International Roaming in Europe Really Cost you?

What is roaming? Anytime you take your phone abroad you are ‘roaming’ you will be charged to answer calls as well as make calls, send texts and for data. If you don’t turn off data roaming on your phone before you travel, it will automatically update your email and apps in the background – even if it is switched off. This alone can cost international travellers a small fortune