How the Internet has Rocked the Music Industry

The Internet has undoubtedly ripped the price tag off of music. In seconds, web surfers can access millions of song on places like YouTube and Spotify.
Free music is even available at our disposal on our smart phones. With all these freebies, have people stopped paying for music? The numbers say yes.

Social Media: Bleak Outlook for the Future? Is Digg Only the Beginning?

The impact of social media on our lives shouldn’t be underestimated. The number of people using social media on a daily basis is astonishing. Social media change the way we communicate. People are increasingly likely to go social on the web than in real life situations. But the revolution is not only about communicating, it affects many aspects of our everyday lives. Social media offer us a whole new world of opportunities. In spite of leading hectic lifestyles we can still keep in touch with our nearest and dearest, we can also make new friends or even meet your significant other. The downside is that social media are masters of distraction and famished time eaters. Some tweets, a few likes, time flies…

The Mythology of Mobile Payments

Myths are keeping Americans from making the jump to mobile payments. Even though nearly half of Americans are smartphone users, the United States hasn’t embraced mobile payments as eagerly as other countries. There are many myths surrounding the idea of mobile payments that have likely contributed to this slow adoption. Now that the mobile payments market is expected to grow from $16 billion in 2010, to $200 billion in 2015, its time to address these myths.