Small Business Financing Infographic: Know Your Loan Options

When it comes to small business lending options there unfortunately is no one-size-fits-all package. Businesses must consider the pros and cons of short-term lending, investment lending, loan sizes, varying interest rates and a variety of other factors. For a first-time loan seeker, sifting through these options can become overwhelming without a little help. Ultimately, the borrower’s need is the most important factor which requires differentiating between urgency, loan size, and business maturity. Enter Dealstruck’s loan comparison options Infographic, created to help give borrowers a great starting point for understanding what options are available to them

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4 Tips to Grow Wealth

There’s no better time than now to start saving for the future. Retirement is becoming longer and more expensive with many costs likely to come out of your own pocket. Here are 4 investment strategies to get you on the right path and give yourself an edge toward meeting your retirement goals created by the team at Motif Investing.

The best & worst acquisitions made by tech giants

Peppermint Soda’s infographic takes a look at some of the tech industry’s biggest purchases from Facebook’s whopping $19 billion investment in Whatsapp in February, to the comparatively minuscule $1.1 billion that Yahoo invested in Tumblr.
The giants of the tech industry have billions to play with and each is trying to get ahead in the game – making sure that the next big thing is theirs. Facebook and Google have moved the most money around in 2014 so far, while ultimately playing the long game with their plans for the future; such as Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of the virtual reality software company Oculus Rift in March.
We have gathered together some of the best and worst investments made by tech companies over the last decade, who has been successful and who has made a devastating blunder.

Warren Buffett Investment Quotes

Everyone is aware that the Oracle Of Omaha knows a thing or two about intelligent investing. So we did a little digging and collected some of his most insightful quotes and investment principles. These lessons can be applied to everyday investments to make your Financial road to freedom a little smoother. With a net worth of $46+ billion we know that Mr. Buffett knows a thing or two- so why not take a look and see what you can learn from the Oracle of Omaha himself. Follow his simple yet extremely successful methods in business or in life when making any decisions.