Finding the Right Career for Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain jobs? Ever thought about how happy you would be as an architect? Or how bored you would be as a software engineer? Your personality type could have everything to do with your preferences.

Understanding your personality type could be a key factor in finding the career that makes you happy. This infographic, compiled by Truity Psychometrics, a provider of online personality and career assessments, as well as the developer of the TypeFinder® personality type assessment, details the four dimensions of personality type and suggests ideal jobs for each type.

How to Calm Job Interview Nerves

Do you want to make your interview as successful as possible and raise your chances of being employed? Then perfect resume and recommendations are not enough. You should be prepared both mentally and psychologically. Though everyone knows interview is a stressful situation , employers expect you to resist stress and behave professionally. That’s why you should learn to calm interview anxiety. The infographic includes techniques which proved to be most effective in reducing stress and eliminating signs of nervousness. Following the tips you’ll become a job interview guru easily!

Infographic: How Do I Decide on a Career Path?

You may feel you’re the only one who doesn’t seem to have a clue where to start when to comes to joining the career ladder. But in reality, you’re not alone. Deciding what career to pursue isn’t something you should do haphazardly or under pressure. It also doesn’t mean that you have to pick one thing and stick to it, or that it’s too later to try anything new. So where to start? Try this handy flowchart.

How to write a resume for the $80k Professional

The one page resume you put together in high school might have landed you a lifeguarding job, but it will not get that $80,000 plus executive position today. It’ll sink right to the bottom of the hiring manager’s recycling bin.
If you’re trying to move up the corporate ladder, it’s time to give your resume a professional makeover.

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