Comparing 25 IT CVs in 1990 to 25 in 2014

This infographic – comparing the differences in CVs/résumés across 25 years in the IT industy in the UK – is no ordinary infographic. You’ll see that the main infographic itself is really text-light- this was done on purpose, as we wanted to try something different… What we also did was to ‘dissect’ the infographic, i.e. publishing each section as a standalone image with supporting text underneath each image/section, giving our findings. The ‘dissected’ version can be seen by visiting the source URL.

The Graduate’s Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

From scouring the internet for jobs and writing applications to moving cities and starting in a brand new industry, heading out into the job market after university can be a seriously daunting step. But with the right advice and a little confidence up your sleeve, soon you’ll have to fight off all the offers. With handy CV tips, and pointers such as understanding what makes positive body language, we’ve pulled together an infographic that’ll ensure you stand out from the crowd when it’s time for your interview.

The Critical Value of a Nursing Education

The value of education in nursing has never been higher. According to a new study, higher education for nurses could mean the difference between life and death.

Nursing is the fastest-growing occupation in the health care industry, with over 500,000 new jobs to be created by 2018. Since nurses already make up the majority of the industry, that’s a lot of growth. Take a look at this infographic below to learn why higher education makes a difference for nurses and their patients.

21 Secrets to Acing a Business Job Interview

You’ve just landed an interview for an office job at a high-profile company, now what?’s newest infographic is your ticket to nailing that business interview. With tips on what research you need to do before the interview, how to dress, how to act, and the best way to follow up, you’re sure to impress that hiring manager.

For example, the best color to wear on an interview is navy blue, as studies show it inspires confidence. You should also brainstorm a few questions to ask you interviewer during the interview.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and ace that interview!

LA vs SF – Where Do Tech Workers Have It Better?

Over the last couple years, startups have increasingly passed over tech epicenter SF in favor of the burgeoning startup scene in the sunny south. Intrigued, we decided to dig a little deeper in an attempt to figure out where the urban living is best for techies. Which city offers the ideal combo of glorious weather, job opportunities aplenty, rent that won’t suck you dry, a vibrant dating scene, and, of course, a wide variety of gourmet food trucks to fuel all those hours spent behind a monitor? Take a quick trip through this infographic and decide for yourself – where would you rather make your tech dreams come true?

Why Purpose Matters In The Workplace

Today’s employees want their work to have meaning, Today’s leaders have the largest influence in creating meaning in the workplace. Here’s why you must become a purpose driven organization to successfully attract, select and retain the best people who care about something more than a paycheck and bottom line.

Beauty Careers in Texas

Texas is a well-known glamour hub—in fact, more Miss USA winners hail from Texas than from any other state. The beauty business here is hardly limited to pageants, though. For cosmetologists, all of Texas’ major cities offer a wealth of beautiful opportunities.