You Can Afford a Healthy Life

Wouldn’t you like to have more money on a daily basis to do the things you love most AND afford to be healthy? Sometime it seems as though the only way to make ends meet is the sacrifice one for the other. But what if we told you that by implementing a few simple changes into your routine you could end up spending much less money and time, while optimizing your health and the health of your family. From working out at home versus the gym to buying in bulk, we’ve got some tips and tricks guaranteed to fast-track your savings.

Saving Money on your Home

If you constantly find yourself lost for change while trying to keep on top of costly household expenses, you might be surprised to know that there are lots of little things around your very own home that you can do to reduce your monthly costs. Have a look at our infographic called, Saving Money In The Home, which will give you hints and tips for things you can do to save a considerable amount and won’t leave you burrowing behind the couch for change. You’ll be wishing you’d been doing these things all along!

10 Bizarre Inventions That Never Made It To Your Home

We all hear about the popular inventions that made it commercially. It makes sense that we do, since well… they made it. However, have you ever wondered about the inventions that never made it?

Here are 10 of the most bizarre inventions made for your home that never took off and were deemed as failures.

Can you see yourself using any of these inventions in your home today?

What’s That Car Really Worth?

We’ve all had that experience; walking into a high-priced clothing store and wondering how anyone could justify charging $150 for a t-shirt. The fact is, there are a number of factors, subjective or otherwise, that go into the value of a product, and cars are no exception to that rule. From upholstery to reputation, there’s more to the price of your used car than a suggested retail price. Here’s what makes that price tag pop, and what features you can avoid to save money without sacrificing safety or dependability.

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The Lifestyles of Young Billionaire Entrepreneurs

With so many popular examples in the media today of young adults who took an entrepreneurial risk and made it big, it’s no surprise that when over five hundred adults ages 18-25 were recently surveyed and asked what their most important goals were, a whopping 88 percent listed that they want to get rich. One of the best ways to improve a skill or achieve a goal is to learn from others who have done it before. That’s why in this infographic we feature a handful of young adults who didn’t just become successful and rich – they became full-fledged billionaires. Our goal is to help you learn more about who these entrepreneur superstars are, how they got to where they are today, and what advice they have to offer. Becoming a successful, wealthy entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, hard work, and a personal commitment to succeed in spite of any and all challenges you may face along the way. If you’re a young adult hoping to make it big with the next Facebook or Twitter, put yourself on a journey toward wealth by looking through and learning from this infographic.

Living In Storage

This infographic takes a look at how innovative thinkers around the world are using some of the 300 million shipping containers that currently sit empty and unused. While most people think of obvious solutions like recycling the raw materials, a few architects have used these storage containers to construct modern buildings.

How Personality Traits Predict TV Habits

Americans LOVE television. According to Nielson, the average American spends 34 hours per week watching TV and over nine hours watching psychological traits, tv, habits commercials.While traditional demographics provide basic information about viewers, we wanted to understand what role psychological traits have in viewing habits of NBC shows. Our research team found that three personality traits (agreeableness, openness, and conscientiousness), were between 1-10x more predictive of behavior than demographics. This is the first study of its kind to analyze psychological traits as a motivating factor for television viewing preferences.

How Do You Sleep?

We all sleep. We all enjoy it, but not everyone gets the recommended daily amount. This can be down to a variety of factors, some of which are out of our control
The foetal sleeping position is the most common, but do you or your partner sleep in another position?

Have you ever had a proper think about the way you sleep? You may just amaze yourself at your sleeping habits.