2014/15 Men’s Underwear Trends

Garçon Model underwear conducted an in-depth survey where they questioned 1,000 men about their underwear habits. The results revealed an in-depth analysis of the relationship between men and their undies. Some of the findings are surprising and insightful: 10% of men own between 50-500 pairs of underwear 70% of men say their undies make them feel good about themselves 41% of men prefer briefs Over 50% of men spend more than $80 on underwear a year, 2 third of men wear a different underwear at the gym.

Why Cats Are Better Than Men

Sometimes, dealing with a man is just too much and all you want to do is curl up with a cat. Sometimes, that’s the better thing to do. Cats are all-around better company than a boyfriends for many reasons.
In this infographic, FreeDating.co.uk takes a look at why cats are better than men, internet cats, and how to tell if you’re becoming a crazy cat lady.

Women vs Men: Who’s the Better Investor?

The ultimate question: Men or Women? We’re breaking it to pieces (investment-wise) in our new rplan infographic. Wonder who makes more rational decisions or who’s the bigger risk-taker? Who does research and who asks around for advice? Want to know who is the better investor? All that and much more in the latest ‘Men vs. Women’ infographic. Check it out!