Ten Top Tips to Develop a Successful Enterprise App

The graphic contains illustrations themed on the popular sci-fi series, Star Trek, including – fittingly – the Star Trek Enterprise. It includes tips from the company’s technical team for the various stages of the development process, from the initial ideas stage through to maintenance post-launch. It covers aspects such as the policy changes that may be required when an app is introduced into a firm, and how to go about selecting a technological approach for its development.

The Mobile Marketing Takeover

The marketing industry is a tough one, for years marketers have battled with Google and paved the way for a new way of marketing. Mobile marketing is a combination of internet marketing and social media marketing, but as you can see in this infographic the winner of the two is most certainly social media.

Websites such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn are a great way to market yourself. The figures for mobile marketing are simply astonishing and in 2013 it saw it’s biggest growth spurt. Surge Digital have no only made the graphic to showcase search engine optimisation but also to encourage websites to invest in responsive web design.

The Mobile Continuum

Whether it’s working, presenting, computing, or communicating, mobile technologies are making sales teams sleeker and meeting customer needs in dynamic new ways. In the following infographic, we’re outlining a few different types of technologies that more and more B2B companies have been adopting lately. We’ll start by illustrating how mobile has been penetrating the workplace. Next, we’ll outline the ways in which businesses have been embracing cloud services. From there, we’ll move on to location services, and finish up by shedding light on how salespeople are making presentations more customized and more personalized.

How much data do you use when you travel?

When you take your phone on holiday data can cost a fortune. Many people have learned the hard way and have been hit with a larger than expected phone bill when they return home. Because of this many people how turn off data roaming to prevent this happening again. If you are wise to what actions use the most data and where in the world is cheaper for data you can still access the internet and social media when you travel, this infographic will help you do that.

This infographic has been created by WorldSIM, we have developed a range of travel products that save you money and enable you to use your phone, tablet and laptop when you travel, without the fear of getting a large bill.

CES 2014 in Numbers by Bell Pottinger Wired

Research by Bell Pottinger Wired, one of the UK’s leading digital consultancies, reveals that this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was mentioned more than 1.5 million times online, across media sites, blogs, forums and social networks, such as Twitter.

Insights into online conversations around the event, held in Las Vegas on 7 to 10 January 2014, with more than 3,200 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors, highlight the extent to which consumers engaged with CES online.

Texting Girls to Fix the First Date

Listen up guys…only 6% of girls think the 3 day rule is cool.

This infographic exposes the do’s and don’ts of texting girls to fix the first date.

Apparently 21% of guys still wait 3 or more days to text a girl after exchanging numbers, when actually 89% of girls want to be contacted within 48 hours.

You’ll also discover which shocking male texting habits make girls flake the first date.

The infographic was put together after Pickup Metrics surveyed 100 single women in the U.S. to find out what it’s like for girls to be pursued by guys eager to fix a date.

13 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014 from the Experts

2013 has been a fruitful year as social media has continued its ‘conquest’ of the Internet realm. From the massive surge in viral videos on YouTube to the introduction of Vine and the ever growing popularity of Instagram, Line and Whatsapp; the industry’s veterans Facebook and Twitter are still staying on track, notably with Twitter’s IPO in November.

You might wonder how all of this will affect social media marketing next year. As 2014 will see new social networks, ever more creative marketing concepts and innovative formats popping up everyday, we asked some social media experts about their views of the top trends in social media marketing next year.

See what they have to say so you can prepare ahead!